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12119130_742902529154703_1470809025619510547_nShannon Marie Chavez is both an artist and a writer.

Shannon has worked as a graphic artist for over 17 years.  For 12 of those years she worked as a staff artist for newspapers, working on their many print products, including magazines. All the while, she was doing freelance work and writing.

Currently, she does freelance graphic design work including character art, illustrations, cover designs and webpage design.

WEBSITE: https://dreamingthought.wordpress.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/dreamingthought/

EMAIL: dreamingthought at gmail dot com

About M.S. Chavez

Shannon also writes under the name M.S. Chavez has published a number of short stories. She works mainly in speculative fiction and has published fantasy, science fiction, and literary fiction pieces.

She is currently working on a series of rural fantasy novels, as well as a women’s fiction novel.

1444844-352-k294241Her short fiction can be found at Wattpad.com where her collection Bittersweets is one of their featured books. It currently has over 300,000 reads.


BLOG: https://bymschavez.wordpress.com/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/bymariechavez/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/m.s.chavez/

WATTPAD: https://www.wattpad.com/user/MS_Chavez

EMAIL: dreamingthought at gmail dot com

Tales from the Tower World

M.S. Chavez’s Published Works

Tales from the Tower World

The Girl in the Flurries in Poplorish

Doll Head at This Zine Will Change Your Life

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Sin Cal Derby Vixens

Over the last year, I dove into Roller Derby thanks to some amazing friends in California. During that time, I built the website for the team, worked on promotional and fundraising materials.

I also got pretty darned good at roller skating and am continuing my Roller Derby obsession now that I’m back in Seattle.

The Sin Cal Derby Vixens website can be viewed at SinCalDerbyVixens.Wordpress.com or SinCalDerbyVixens.com

Below is a screenshot of the site shortly after it was first created. I also created a number of fliers to promote the team and our fundraisers.

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I Forgot How Much of a Challenge Drawing Digitally Can Be

Doodle2I’ve been needing to work on my art more. When I’m not writing, I usually draw. Since I’ve been physically better recently, I have the energy to be creative.

Writing isn’t coming to me right now, so I thought I’d sit down and draw. I seem to be quite out of practice. This little drawing turned out pretty decently, but the number of blue line drafts I had to go through to get to this point really surprised me.

Does all my digital art always take this much effort?

I’m not sure if I’m simply out of practice, or if it’s always difficult. I’m thinking it’s a little bit of both. Anne2

A month or so back, I binge watched Anne with an E. I loved it, the main character was just adorable. I love how not conventionally pretty the adorable little actress is.  I also adored how the character was someone I could relate to, a dreamer.

So of course, I felt compelled to do some art. I then downloaded all the Anne books from LibriVox. It was interesting the ways the story was updated, and I look forward to the next season.

The little piece to the right sat on my drive, half finished for a while. It needed considerable work, and I was just not feeling it. Though I felt it captured the essence of the character, it just wasn’t all that great. So instead of fussing with attempting to fix what I had, I layered some of my flower photos over it and, played with filters, and got something I feel is presentable.

It’s more than a little frustrating to be this far out of my art groove, but I’ll get back to it. Slow and steady progress is better than nothing, and this summer, I have every intention of progressing once more.


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Designing a Cover for Joy Ride

*Apologies to those who receive emails from this blog and have seen this particular post before. I’m updating my site and a few things were lost in the shuffle, this blog update was one of the casualties.


A while back, I worked on a cover design for a friend, M.B. Austin. She wanted to put her story, Joy Ride, out on Smashwords , Wattpad, and other places. So she asked me to come up with a cover for her. I’m a big fan of her Maji stories and was happy to do so.

She has a book coming out soon, by the way, so please be sure to keep an eye on her website for more news. I’m very excited to see Strictly Need To Know in its final form.

Anyway, back to the design for Joy Ride.

She gave me the story to read, as well as a few thoughts of what she had envisioned. She also gave me the Smashwords specifications and I began working on a design that would work for print an digital media.

I searched my usual free and copyright free clip art sources and found a limited amount of art that would work. I was inspired, though, by the cassette tape concept, and decided to freehand a cassette tape for a few of the designs. I think it worked out rather well.

Anyway, this is the basic process I go through while designing covers.

First, I sent her a bunch of designs to see what she thought and to help narrow it down.

This was the first batch:

She gave me a bunch of feedback, and I went back to work. This was the second batch:

She finally settled on this design, and I sent it to her in several formats, high resolution as well as web resolution.

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A portrait and character drawing

Just completed a colored portrait for my cousin, Jeanie and a character drawing for my friend, Chrysoula.

I’m open for commission work. Colored portraits like the one above are currently $25, black and white pieces $15.

Email me at dreamingthought@gmail.com for more information.

A few more examples of what you can get for $25.



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Elf Jenn and Tim

Digital Drawing I did for my cousin Jenn. I have one I need to do for my friend Chrysoula, my cousin Jeanie, and some color variations to do Rhiannon. I think that’s it for art I’ve promised/owe people. 🙂

speak up now if you were on my art list and not mentioned above!


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A few random pieces


Just a few random doodles I’ve done recently. I’ve created a great deal more lately, including several logos and the art book I really should be promoting.

But those will take more explaining.


Sarah, a character from my novel.



Fan art for When Marnie Was There



Me and my kiddo.


Random doodle of Elloreah, I guess.

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Sketchy doodle of unnamed character.



Just a random doodle to kind of decompress. This is the first time I’ve actually drawn this yet to be named character. She’s the protagonist in a novel or potential series that I’m refusing to think too much about because I have so many other projects I need to actually finish.

She’s the daughter of some of my other characters. Too lazy to color right now. I’m thinking very dark brown hair with reddish hues, brown-red skin, and maybe green eyes. Or brown. Green is so tempting, but heroines so often have remarkable eye colors… a nice amber brown would probably be best.

She’s a shifter, red wolf. Was planning on fox in the beginning, but went to a red wolf exhibit this summer and was sold after watching those gorgeous animals. She works with dogs, loves the outdoors and horseback riding. Has an older foster/adoptive brother and father who are both pretty distant. Moved away from home to live with a caretaker I’ve yet to decide on.

Other than that, I’m trying not to peg down her story too much because I have a Chick Lit novel I am working on plotting and outlining.


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Smoky Quartz – Steven Universe

Needed a break from my commission work and decided to draw up some quick fan art.



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