The process of creating a cover

When I’m not elbow deep in editing, I like to draw and work on graphic design projects.

I’ve been planning on participating in a challenge at Wattpad for some time now, but needed a good cover to promote the project with.

So I started collecting stock art and working on a cover. I created the first two and asked for feedback.

wattpad-cover wattpad-coverv3

They were well received, but the story is a romance, so that made the first cover not quite right. The second cover, I was told, appeared to be two young men. While I actually really loved the photo because of how tomboy-ish the girl appeared, I didn’t want my cover to be misleading. So I tried again.

wattpad-cover5 wattpad-cover7

Again, neither were quite right. Most my friends leaned towards the kissing photo, while a friend of mine in the graphic design field mentioned a dislike of the feathered white edge. So I sat on it for a while longer and decided to try again with the feedback I’d gotten in mind.

The final result:


I feel like this is the one. Or at least, it’s the one I’m going with because I need to work on writing and drawing instead of a cover for a story for a challenge on Wattpad.



About MSChavez

M.S. Chavez, or Shannon Marie Chavez is an author and artist. For more than a decade years she worked in newspapers as a graphic artist. All the while she was writing and doing freelance artwork and web design on the side. Now, she focuses on being a mother, working with animals, as well as writing and doing freelance work on the side. She has a number of science fiction, paranormal, fantasy, horror and romance short stories published and is working on a series of rural fantasy novels.
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