Running with it

Sometimes I’m inspired to draw. Sometimes I really struggle. When I’m inspired, it feels like magic. Everything clicks and I can just draw what I intend to.  Know writing is the same way. I have to keep practicing at both to gain any ground. Art, though, is more… difficult to me. Writing isn’t exactly easy, but it seems to come more naturally to me even when I’m just pushing it out, forcing myself to write. I think it has to do with the fact that art is more immediate. People can judge right off if your anatomy is wonky, and it’s usually obvious to me too. Writing, though, as long as the grammar is good and there are more obvious typos, it takes more time and thought to pick a piece apart, to understand what does and doesn’t work. Writing feels more personal, more secretive… and in some ways I enjoy it more.

But, when I AM inspired to draw and create visual art, I have a lot of fun doing it. Attached are two drawings I did for some friends who help me out a great deal with my writing. One I did when I was struggling a bit artistically, and the other, I managed to do in a night when I was on a roll. They’re both cute and have good qualities, but the feeling of working on them was vastly different. Anyway, here they are:

Kayla- Kelli-art3



About MSChavez

M.S. Chavez, or Shannon Marie Chavez is an author and artist. For more than a decade years she worked in newspapers as a graphic artist. All the while she was writing and doing freelance artwork and web design on the side. Now, she focuses on being a mother, working with animals, as well as writing and doing freelance work on the side. She has a number of science fiction, paranormal, fantasy, horror and romance short stories published and is working on a series of rural fantasy novels.
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