A few random pieces


Just a few random doodles I’ve done recently. I’ve created a great deal more lately, including several logos and the art book I really should be promoting.

But those will take more explaining.


Sarah, a character from my novel.



Fan art for When Marnie Was There



Me and my kiddo.


Random doodle of Elloreah, I guess.

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Sketchy doodle of unnamed character.



Just a random doodle to kind of decompress. This is the first time I’ve actually drawn this yet to be named character. She’s the protagonist in a novel or potential series that I’m refusing to think too much about because I have so many other projects I need to actually finish.

She’s the daughter of some of my other characters. Too lazy to color right now. I’m thinking very dark brown hair with reddish hues, brown-red skin, and maybe green eyes. Or brown. Green is so tempting, but heroines so often have remarkable eye colors… a nice amber brown would probably be best.

She’s a shifter, red wolf. Was planning on fox in the beginning, but went to a red wolf exhibit this summer and was sold after watching those gorgeous animals. She works with dogs, loves the outdoors and horseback riding. Has an older foster/adoptive brother and father who are both pretty distant. Moved away from home to live with a caretaker I’ve yet to decide on.

Other than that, I’m trying not to peg down her story too much because I have a Chick Lit novel I am working on plotting and outlining.


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Smoky Quartz – Steven Universe

Needed a break from my commission work and decided to draw up some quick fan art.



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#Drawcember – Art Dump #1

So I got invited to participate in a #Drawcember event by my friend Emma. (Emma kicks ass, btw. We met at a ConLang panel and I’ve adored her since.)

What this means is that we have a list of prompts for every day for the month of December and we are supposed to draw and submit a piece of art for each day. As of December 13th, I’m on track! I have posted art every single day and thought I would share.

So here, it goes. My first 13 pieces for Drawcember.

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Running with it

Sometimes I’m inspired to draw. Sometimes I really struggle. When I’m inspired, it feels like magic. Everything clicks and I can just draw what I intend to.  Know writing is the same way. I have to keep practicing at both to gain any ground. Art, though, is more… difficult to me. Writing isn’t exactly easy, but it seems to come more naturally to me even when I’m just pushing it out, forcing myself to write. I think it has to do with the fact that art is more immediate. People can judge right off if your anatomy is wonky, and it’s usually obvious to me too. Writing, though, as long as the grammar is good and there are more obvious typos, it takes more time and thought to pick a piece apart, to understand what does and doesn’t work. Writing feels more personal, more secretive… and in some ways I enjoy it more.

But, when I AM inspired to draw and create visual art, I have a lot of fun doing it. Attached are two drawings I did for some friends who help me out a great deal with my writing. One I did when I was struggling a bit artistically, and the other, I managed to do in a night when I was on a roll. They’re both cute and have good qualities, but the feeling of working on them was vastly different. Anyway, here they are:

Kayla- Kelli-art3


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Art for my friends

I enjoy sketching. I started writing to give stories to the characters I’d draw and create. At one point, I had hoped to become a comic book artist. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my skills aren’t quite at that level, but I still enjoy drawing and love to draw for my friends.

I recently created this piece for my friend Stephanie of her character, Lily.

It’s a little rough, but it was fun to get back on the drawing wagon.

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The process of creating a cover

When I’m not elbow deep in editing, I like to draw and work on graphic design projects.

I’ve been planning on participating in a challenge at Wattpad for some time now, but needed a good cover to promote the project with.

So I started collecting stock art and working on a cover. I created the first two and asked for feedback.

wattpad-cover wattpad-coverv3

They were well received, but the story is a romance, so that made the first cover not quite right. The second cover, I was told, appeared to be two young men. While I actually really loved the photo because of how tomboy-ish the girl appeared, I didn’t want my cover to be misleading. So I tried again.

wattpad-cover5 wattpad-cover7

Again, neither were quite right. Most my friends leaned towards the kissing photo, while a friend of mine in the graphic design field mentioned a dislike of the feathered white edge. So I sat on it for a while longer and decided to try again with the feedback I’d gotten in mind.

The final result:


I feel like this is the one. Or at least, it’s the one I’m going with because I need to work on writing and drawing instead of a cover for a story for a challenge on Wattpad.


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