Sketchy doodle of unnamed character.



Just a random doodle to kind of decompress. This is the first time I’ve actually drawn this yet to be named character. She’s the protagonist in a novel or potential series that I’m refusing to think too much about because I have so many other projects I need to actually finish.

She’s the daughter of some of my other characters. Too lazy to color right now. I’m thinking very dark brown hair with reddish hues, brown-red skin, and maybe green eyes. Or brown. Green is so tempting, but heroines so often have remarkable eye colors… a nice amber brown would probably be best.

She’s a shifter, red wolf. Was planning on fox in the beginning, but went to a red wolf exhibit this summer and was sold after watching those gorgeous animals. She works with dogs, loves the outdoors and horseback riding. Has an older foster/adoptive brother and father who are both pretty distant. Moved away from home to live with a caretaker I’ve yet to decide on.

Other than that, I’m trying not to peg down her story too much because I have a Chick Lit novel I am working on plotting and outlining.



About MSChavez

M.S. Chavez, or Shannon Marie Chavez is an author and artist. For more than a decade she worked in newspapers as a graphic artist. All the while she was writing, doing freelance artwork, and web design on the side. She has a number of science fiction, paranormal, fantasy, horror and romance short stories published and is working on a series of rural fantasy novels.
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